I must say that this is just another thing that will keep me from contributing to the large corporate monsters and instead donating my expenses to the small town local shops. I went in to get a new rest for my bow today and dropped a few more dollars which I'm sure left my wife shaking her head at me. grrr.gif

Anyways, this is a great shop. Located inside the Ace "Do It Best" Hardware shop in Mims. They have everything you need and if they don't have it, they'd be more than happy to order it for you. To top that off, their prices are the same if not cheaper on most products than your Bass Pro and Gander Mountain chains. AND, for you single dudes or dudes with a pulse, there are a few good lookin' little country girls working the hardware side where the entrance is all decked out in "bucked up" gear, camo shirts and dem' tight wranglers.

Another positive is the customer service. There are some fellas in there that know what they are doing. The one dude, Jeff, that hooked me up and setup my new rest seemed to be the one that everyone in there turned too. He was very knowledgeable, polite and not only went he extra mile for me, but another boy in there with his grandpa. His Gramps was buying him his first bow.

This was a great place and I had an excellent experience. Their grand opening last July, they had a visit by none other than "The Bone Collector" Michael Waddell. They are licensed Hoyt, Mathews and Bowtech dealer. Great store and if you're ever in the area, drop on in and check them out.

I know most of the people from TNO family are from the JAX area, but there may be a few around the Central Florida Region. At this stage in the game, they are 15 minutes from my house, have an indoor range and have pretty much everything I need for archery hunting. If it weren't for the fact that our Orlando Bass Pro's General Manager is a Penn State Grad too, they would never see another penny from me. Regardless, my hobby/past time money will be going up to my local shop now.