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Team Natural Outdoors _ General Hunting _ A NEW DEER SEASON

Posted by: oldmandekle Oct 2 2017, 10:43 AM

With the large amounts of rain and the flooding, standing water and all the other water problems that come with "hurricane" season our hunt club is a mess. So I was thinking about approaching the FWC to request a new season on deer. It may only be a 9 day , two or three 3 day hunts or whatever it is it would coincide with the high water. No permits , no drawing , no special rules only the method would be changed as how we would hunt our game. We all know how alert deer are. We understand his eyes and ears help him avoid danger but I have it figured out as how to beat his nose he will never smell you coming. Our new season with be "snorkeling for Dee". No scuba gear just snorkel tubes . Just think about it , stealthily approach your game from below. Like a shark or "gator" quietly get into position then take the shot. I suppose spear guns would have to be added to the approved methods of taking deer but that's O K , just think about it. Who would be the first "snorkeler" to take a deer. A trophy busk with spear gun, now THAT is an accomplishment. I usually get wet when I go hunting anyway so why not put on a camo wetsuit and dogpaddle up to Bullwinkle ? Anybody think like I do ?

Posted by: Weatherby06 Oct 3 2017, 10:57 AM

While spear gunning a deer sounds neat and definitely a new way to harvest a deer, I think the the FWC would consider the existing rule of not killing a "swimming" deer. Plus I think they are just fine with a shortend or reduced season. Heck when Matthew came through they just cancelled my quota archery hunt altogether. Gave me 2 preference point and called it a day. They had a couple of open weekends after the 2 archery hunts before the muzzleloader weekends so the "could" have fitted that hunt in. But no dice. This year, pardon the pun, may just be a wash.

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